Joy in Suffering

Although weeping may be for the night, joy does come in the morning. Your season will not last forever" 

Are you suffering or just in a rough season? My sweet sisters hold fast to the truth that joy is coming and it's greater than any suffering. #wjw#wjwdevotion

Joy in suffering can be rather difficult, but it does become more natural as you put it into action. In our trials and challenges, we can become “woe is me” and travel down a dark path of pity. In James 1 we are told to do the exact opposite and it’s a game changer for your life. 

When we go through our dark seasons we must remain joyful. Remember that yesterday we learned joy is not based on our circumstances, but it is steady because our focus is on God. Because you have this anchor for your soul that steadies you in the midst of the crashing waves, you don’t have to waver in your joy.  

If you're going through a hard time today and you’re struggling to find joy, start reminding yourself of what God has done in your life and lift up thanksgiving to Him. Remind yourself that although weeping may be for the night, joy does come in the morning. Your season will not last forever. 

Reminding yourself of these things is important, but there is one other note for your season we get right out of James 1. When in suffering, remind yourself of the growth and maturity that will take place. Embrace that God is wanting to do a new and great work in you; to continue making you into the person He wants you to be for the calling He has for you. 

Know that your suffering is producing steadfastness and making you the person you need to be. Take joy that God isn’t done with you or has forgotten you; He sees so much value in you that He wants to work in your life. Embrace this and find joy in the suffering!