Oh bitterness- we all get it at some point. It's the enemies way of stealing our joy. The great thing is our God is bigger!! Bigger than fear, bigger then loneliness, bigger than resentment,, bigger than exhaustion, bigger than bitterness!

Have you ever suffered from an expectation that was not met? Perhaps you expected your husband to remain true to the wedding vows or you expected your husband to live through the cancer. Single moms experience multiple opportunities to live in the bondage of resentment. However, the Bible warns that unresolved anger left unattended gives way to a bitterness that pollutes and destroys.

It reminds me of the South American vine known as the matador. Its nickname describes it perfectly – killer. Its vine begins at the root of the trunk and without any fanfare slowly makes its way up the tree, suffocating the vibrancy out of the inner core. Finally, it reaches the top, crowning itself with a flower that soon dies, leaving a dead, useless bark of wood. God’s Word makes the parallel. Bitterness leaves us with nothing but a dead stump.

So what’s the answer to this killer? Forgiveness. It’s a personal decision to get our hearts right with God. It’s a resolution to move away from what feels natural and trust what feels unnatural. Through Christ, God has made it possible to find deliverance from the trap of an embittered, unsettled spirit.

In what ways are you wrestling with unresolved offenses? What’s your plan in finding emotional release?

Beloved single mom, there is no greater obstacle to your spiritual health than refusing to let go of bitterness. I see what you’ve passed through, but I am doing a new thing. Walk away from your past so I can carry you into My future. You are not alone. I love you. – Jesus